About us

Restaurant DuVillage is a privately local owned French Cuisine restaurant bringing to you the tastes and flavors of France. Their unique ties to the France brings both expertise in French tasty entrees and French Wine. Enjoy the warm atmosphere created by owners who truly care about your total restaurant experience. You will feel as if you were sitting in a French Bistro on a small cobblestoned road in the south of France.

Our team of website designers are always looking for unique restaurants or venues that introduce you into a new world. Experiences that bring far away locations home to you. We enjoy sampling, discussing with owners and advertising the experience to potential clients. We have 50+ years worth of experience sampling and tasting foreign and domestic flavors. Only recently did we decide to begin capturing and recommending some of those experiences for our readers.

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If you have an experience you are looking to suggest or describe drop our team a note and we will do a quick review and post so that others may be able to enjoy the experience for themselves. We won’t consider negative adds only those extraordinary dining pleasures that our readers should experience for themselves. Use our contact us page to drop a note and submit your well written restaurant suggestion.